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How to scare flies and mosquitoes at a camping

Nobody likes flies or mosquitoes. They are annoying either because they bite like mosquitoes or because they don’t stop bothering like flies. From Camping Lloret Blau, our Costa Brava family camping, we bring you practical ideas to scare away these insects from your camping plot. Let’s get started!

How to scare flies at a campsite?

Especially in hot weather, flies are usually present in many campsites. In addition to being usually related to dirt, flies are really annoying because they seem to have no shame in perching or surrounding us.

The most typical solution is insecticides. Although these seem to be done more to drown ourselves than insects. Therefore, today we are going to review the most common homemade methods to scare flies in your campsite:

Water bags: the quintessential solution of local bars or restaurants. Placing a bag half full of water can help frighten the flies, as long as the place or space is in contact with the sun. The reason? When the sun passes through the bags full of water, its light decomposes and forms a rainbow, something that flies detest. Another option with the same effect is to hang CD. Remember that these two options will only be valid for places in direct contact with the sun.

Vodka: Although not well known, it is one of the most effective home remedies. How to use? It is very simple, you will simply have to place a droplet of certain parts of the body such as the wrists, arms, legs and ankles. Its smell will help frighten the flies.

Essences, herbs or aromatic oils: there are oils or essences that repel flies such as lavender, citronella, basil, bay leaf, rosemary or mint.

Lemons with cloves: to prepare it, open a lemon in half and put a dozen cloves (species) punctured in the lemon. We should change the lemon every day.

Homemade apple cider vinegar traps: To create the trap we will need a bottle of water. We cut the bottle from the top and put apple cider vinegar inside. Finally, we place the top part that we have cut upside down without the plug (which is funnel-shaped). In this way, the flies attracted by the vinegar will enter the bottle, but will not be able to leave.

How to scare mosquitoes in a campsite?

We know how annoying mosquitoes can be in a campsite, especially when it is next to a lake or wet area. We will review the options we have to repel them and avoid being bitten:

The first essential point is to use a mosquito net at the door of the caravan, caravan or shop. In this way, you will prevent these insects from entering your caravan or tent.

Another option is to use special bracelets for mosquitoes. These bracelets can be used on the wrist and ankle.

Another home remedy that also serves mosquitoes is lemon with cloves. We recommend using it always as we will keep both mosquitoes and flies at bay.

We can also create mosquito traps. To create the trap, we will have to cut the top of a water bottle (about a third of the top). Next, we will take some water mixed with 50gr of sugar and heat it. Once the dough is cold, we will place it in the bottom of the bottle and add 1gr of yeast. Finally, we will cover the mixture with the neck of the bottle without the cap turned funnel-shaped.

In addition to these remedies, you can also use, as in the case of flies, plant odors or aromatic oils to scare away mosquitoes.

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